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Most positions include some degree of cross-training on other positions.

LINE COOK - Not Currently Hiring

We are searching for an enthusiastic and committed Line Cook who is passionate about the aesthetic vision offood assembly. The Line Cook will be responsible for preparing the daily AM and PM menu as well as finishingreal-time orders efficiently for maximum customer satisfaction. In addition to filling orders, the Line Cook willcommunicate directly with the cashier and/or barista to inspire collaboration and deliver the best customerservice possible. To succeed in this role, the Line Cook should be committed to creating delicious food asdescribed in The Stray’s recipe, and maintaining a positive atmosphere behind the bar and in the kitchen.

BARISTA - Not Currently Hiring

We are searching for a passionate, engaging, and courteous Barista who is enthusiastic about food and beverage preparation and education. The Barista will be responsible for crafting delicious coffee for customers throughout the day, engaging with customers to create a welcoming environment, and communicating with the cashier and busser to confirm orders and ensure drinks are delivered carefully and efficiently. The Barista will also maintain a clean and well-stocked workspace and dining area. To succeed in this role, the Barista must be committed to providing exceptional customer service with a positive and friendly attitude. 

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