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The Stray, LLC

4253 Division Ave S

Grand Rapids, MI 49548


Please send cover letter and resume to:

Marley King & Hunter VanKlompenberg






The Stray is a music and arts cafe in Wyoming MI, promoting the local art scene in the West Michigan area. We have live music, art demonstrations, and an eclectic menu of food and coffee available in a relaxed cafe environment.



We are searching for a passionate, knowledgeable, and responsible Audio Engineer who is excited to work with artists and live audio. The Audio Engineer will be responsible for working alone and/or on a team to assist with load-in,  manage main mixes and monitor mixes during shows, take care of musician/artist needs, and keep track of audio equipment inventory. In addition, a great engineer will work with management to improve the audio setup of the room and assist with organizing events. An engineer will be expected to make both technical and creative mixing decisions to create a great listening experience.

Hours: Part Time, Weekends


Eligibility and Preferred Skills:

  • Working knowledge of Mixing boards (on-job training for our specific console)

  • Basic understanding of acoustics

  • Understanding of audio equipment, hardware, and software

  • Excellent ears (detail, nuance)

  • Basic understanding of live sound systems

  • Communication skills

  • Previous live sound experience required

  • Knowledge of song structures, genre styles, and instrument specifics



  • Managing main mix and monitor mixes 

  • Prep for bands before show

  • Assisting with load-in

  • Managing Equipment quality and inventory

  • Take care of artist needs

  • Recommend solutions to acoustic treatments and audio setup

  • Clean Stage and check/store equipment after show

  • Attending team meetings


Physical Demands:

  • Long periods of standing and moving around the cafe

  • Occasional heavy lifting- 50 lbs. 

  • Frequent loud noise exposure

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